Growth Drives

  • Increase in the numbers of teenagers and youngsters with higher spending power as well as increase in working population (especially women), is fuelling growth of fast food industry in India and Globally. Onion products are one of the most important ingredients in ready to eat or fast food products thus increasing its usage as important taste maker / enhancer and flavouring ingredients.
  • Change in foods consumption in last one decade in general, has increased per capita consumption of fast food such as pizza, sandwiches, burgers, hotdogs, Indian snacks like cutlets, Samosa Kachori, Pakoda etc; in all classes of people and is boosting the market for processed onion products. Increasing use of convenient snacking and variety of cosmopolitan fast food like noodle, pastas, spaghetti etc. has also boosted use of onion products both in export and domestic markets.
  • Onion production is not possible for so many countries because of their geographical situation. So they have no option other then dehydrated onion because of their long shelf life compared to raw onions. So there is huge market for the product. Indian onions are famous all over the world of its taste as compare to others.
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