Advantage of Dehydration

Dehydration is most reliable & convenient food preservation method, only drying minimally affects the nutrition value of foods, especially when the process to take correct temperature and air flow a reasonable amount of drying time, you produce a high quality product. In comparison with foods preserved by other methods, like canning, it is quite safe. Botulism is feared in canning because the bacteria that cause it thrive in a liquid environment. Canning and freezing, both of which involve extreme temperature.

Food Safety

Dehydrated foods don’t carry the risk of botulism contamination that wet canned foods do, and dried vegetables are safe as long as they are dried at the right temperature for a sufficient amount of time. Dehydrated foods should be kept in cool, dark spaces.

Saving In Preparation Time: dehydrated product is cleaned, peeled, trimmed and sliced or diced or powdered so, it takes less time to prepare & cooking.

No Wasted Products: Dehydrated vegetable cleaned, peeled, trimmed and sliced or diced or powdered, dehydrated products is useable without any peeling or cleaning – with no sprouts or no spoilage

Consistent Flavour: fresh vegetable & fruits varies widely in pungency and flavour, dehydrated vets. Has consistent, reliable flavour.
In addition to dehydrated food being more compact, they are more convenient for storage as they do not require as much room.

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